@ChrisWilson "...which you agreed to at sign up." lol, did they even have a TOS back then?

witch and wizard username access attempts from the russians

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and it was just using up all available memory and swap space, woo

"Compilation Failed!: " ... with no additional info and no log :(

the last 'testimonial' on a white noise generator is "I have headaches 100"

@Aerdan so what makes you think this is an example of machine learning? It really looks like a simple keyword match which is Google's bread and butter anyway.

@Aerdan why are you thinking that is machine learning and not just a keyword match on an ad sale with no machine learning involved ?

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There's a lot of nice sentiment here, but the institution services society's desire for obedience and beyond that, the evaluation of most, if not all, of a person's (immature child) characteristics listed in the article practically require very high levels of obedience.

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