Congress Fails to Pass Additional Stimulus

House Leader continues to talk with the Executive branch.

United States Capitol Building
“United States Capital Building” by redlegsfan21 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The federal government is bound and determined to deliver another massive stimulus package to the US citizenry, but they just can’t decide how to do it.

In this recently denied legislation, $300 per week additional unemployment and about $500 billion total aid were attempted.

Even just the talk of stimulus is having a negative effect on the value of the dollar.

Currency debasement is nothing new.

Despite there being a whole lot more money flying around from recent stimulus and more to come, It isn’t quite the same as printing money since it comes in the form of debt. But experts say we shouldn’t worry about additional trillions of debt.

Josh Hawley keeps trying to hold Big Tech accountable tho.

This stimulus was an amendment to the UIGHUR Act of 2019. ¯\(°_o)/¯


Robin Hood: All Parts of the Political Compass

A compass typically helps you find your place in the world.

The Political Compass with Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow quadrants. | @TheQuQu

By Michael Carver
October 21, 2020 10:55 AM

Everyone finds themselves at some coordinate on the political compass, but Robin Hood seems to be all parts of it.

One interpretation of how this English legend would plot on this chart has him prominently in 4 out of 4 sections. 

This would imply that Robin Hood is the very identity of all possible political opinions.

Robin Hood is usually depicted wearing a green outfit and may be as old as the 1400’s.

It’s possible that this compass misses the mark since RH preferred to steal from tax collectors, yet even if this is true, he’d still land within the target.

Recently, Robin Hood has been slightly overshadowed by a broker called Robinhood and people shilling affiliate links like this one.

England’s modern avatar of Robin Hood has been made aware of this compass meme.